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Dick McNamara and George Wilson
take tickets and assign numbers

Herman Ceschi cleans a place
for the next pancake eater.

Gary Soper counting the
coffee creamers?

Pancake Breakfast

February 2006

Over 400 people ate at the Pancake
Breakfast in February 2006, causing
a headache for Jeannie Malin
and the other servers

Tim Blackmon and friends
enjoying the pancakes

8-10 am
every 2nd
thru April

Mac Caza and Gene Brooks cooking pancakes

Carol Murphy waits for pancakes,
while Lee Geodtke slugs some down. His sister, Shirley Hainsworth, is trying to look as if she doesn't know him.

Gary Soper serves up the flapjacks!

Kenny Malin waits for a tray

Vivian Zelinskas enjoys coffee
while waiting for her pancakes.

Has Dick found a counterfeit ticket?

A great place to meet your neighbors
and exchange ideas.


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